Tauranga Airport terminal in the evening

Ownership and Governance

The airport is owned by Tauranga City Council. It is operated in accordance with the Airport Authority Act and is governed by an Airport Advisory Group.  
The airport advisory group is made up of three independent directors who have extensive aviation and private sector business experience. 

Please note: the Advisory Group members are yet to be confirmed for 2014.

From 1961 until 1998 the Airport was operated as a ‘joint venture’ between the Government (50%), Tauranga City Council (35%) and Western Bay of Plenty District Council (15%).  Tauranga City Council purchased the Crown and Western Bay of Plenty District Council shares and share of the business in April 1996 and is now solely responsible for the airport business.  The airport is a stand alone ‘business unit’ of the Council and requires no rate payer funding.

The airport’s annual revenue is currently $4.5M. This is made up of landing fess, parking charges and rentals. Expenses are made up of administration costs, airfield, runway and building maintenance, depreciation and debt servicing. The airport currently runs an operating surplus of $1.5M per annum.

The airport has 120 different lease agreements in place.

Last Reviewed: 29/11/2017